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's daughter has come to his defense on facebook. anybody who disagrees with the way dad conducted himself, can go "f" himself, racism should not be tolerated under any circumstances. we reached out to sears canada and we wrote back, we concluded the majority of our investigation and have terminated the employee involved in the incident so sears obviously wanted to take quick action in this incident. >> that's racist discrimination. >>> a fireman in ireland is being nominated for a bravery award and you are about to see why in this video from the river shannon. this is in limerick ireland. there's a woman in this water and you can see the water's moving pretty swiftly and she's drowning. there are many rescue crews on the scene. up in the sky is a helicopter and they've got a guy on a line trying to get this woman. they have people on boats and the bridge and all sorts of different rescue attempts not working. guy being dangled from the helicopter, he can't get to her. once you get closer to the bridge you start to notice this boat coming out to rescue her. but don't watch the boat, watch the b
. that's being described as a gas pistol. basically some sort of self-defense weapon that shoots a chemical or some sort of tear gas. he then puts it right back into his pocket like nothing happens. police right next to him don't realize that he just pulled the trigger on that weapon. looks like he's about to go about his business when another guard nearby begins to approach. then -- >> whoa. >> guy winds up on his butt other people come to help and they quick lly wrestle the guy d take the pistol away. one 50-year-old was taken to the hospital with chemical burns to eyes. so the guy did hit his target. >>> you can always depend on dad to take care of business and to have a tool for the job. in this case little zach insisted that dad pull his tooth! >> ahh. >> okay. i can see what i did wrong. >> he was very upset because the other kids in his class had started losing his teeth and he hadn't. >> and the dude is probably trying to get a couple bucks. >> the tooth fairy brings lots of money now. dad comes in with a set of pliers. >> he's going ghetto dentist. >> needle-nose pliers,
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)